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Career Planning and Development project is a 2 year program to provide self-development opportunities to improve employability and raise workplace confidence.

Career Path Planning

Visions in Career Path Seminar

A series of tailor-made career training aims at helping students explore and understanding the industry sectors they are most interested in and enhance their skills, competencies and confidence. A range of training includes CV writing, interviewing skills, professional grooming, workplace adaptation and one-on-one career advisory sessions (CAS).

Career Path Planning


[One-on-one Career Advisory Service] is a project jointly organized by Hong Kong Nang Yan College and Happy-Retired Charity Action (HRCA). The one-on-one career advisory session aims to assist students in identifying their career goals and preparing for their future career. Students could raise their career concerns during the session, which may include, but not limited to, enquiries on career direction, job market information, resume and cover letter writing skills, interview skills, job searching skills, etc. In this 45 minutes individual appointment, you will be able to meet via online with our Career Advisors for discussing any career related problems. If interested, please register or book a session by clicking here:

Career Path Planning


1. 校友會成為同學在校期間各方面的同行者,並協助同學加深對專業實務的認識;
2. 加強校友與母校聯繫,增進彼此及學習課程的了解;
3. 推動薪火相傳,回饋母校。

Mentor:至少畢業3 年或於過去5年,有至少3 年從事社會工作或相關服務的經驗。

2023年3月 至 2025年1月



1. 小組聚會:「學長」與 「學弟妹」配對成一個小組。以小組形式自行安排聚會,建議每年不少於三次
2. 每個小組不可多於3位「學長」,並將獲配對4-6位同學。如自行分配小組,請於表格填寫名單。
3. 同一小組的同學在興趣範疇的選擇必須一致。小組會盡量以相同的興趣範疇和意願進行配對。如學弟/妹參加人數超過學長能承擔的人數,將以報名次序及能否出席啟動禮決定優先。
4. 成功獲配對的參加者將於2023年3月31日或以前收到通知
5. 除了積極參加集體活動及小組聚會外,我們鼓勵彼此主動透過不同方法或渠道保持聯繫 (包括電話 / 電郵 / Facebook / WhatsApp / WeChat / Line… )。

The contents above are available in Chinese only.



To give more diverse choices of internship experience, local internship programmes which are organized/ administered by external organizations are provided.

Serial NumberNamePeriodDeadline of ApplicationJob Details
5Cyberport and the Home and Youth Affairs Bureau (HYAB)Cross-Industry Internship Opportunities for 3 months and various enrichment activitiesPlease refer to the attached informationLink
4新界西醫院聯網病人資源中心暑期青年義工計劃 2023
(Information in Chinese only)
2 June 2023Link
(MEET) 2023
(Information in Chinese only)
23 May 2023Link
2惜食堂 x 百佳
訓練,考察及實習,由19/6/2023至8月下旬, 為期2個月31 May 2023Link
1Internship Programme for Hong Kong Higher Education Students in 2023 organised by the Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service.From 3 July to 25 August of 2023 (2 months)31 March 2023Link


HKSAR Civil Service Bureau Post-Secondary Student Summer Internship Programme

The Post-Secondary Student Summer Internship Programme provides internship opportunities for students who are permanent HKSAR residents and enrolled in full-time accredited post-secondary programmes locally and overseas to work in different departments of HKSAR government while summer holiday.

Application Procedure:

  • Check with the job requirements and College Deadline of the job vacancies in the below tables
  • Submit ALL the required documents before the College Deadline.
  1. Signed Application Form (e-signature is also accepted) [Name your file as “SN_Your Name_App Form” (e.g. 01_Chan Tai Man_App Form)]
  2. Latest Transcript with cGPA  [Name your file as “SN_Your Name_Transcript” (e.g. 01_Chan Tai Man_Transcript)]
  3. HKDSEE Official Certificate [Name your file as “SN_Your Name_HKDSEE Cert” (e.g. 01_Chan Tai Man_HKDSEE Cert)]
  4. CV [Name your file as “SN_Your Name_CV” (e.g. 01_Chan Tai Man_CV)]

* Please pay special attention to the “Application Method” of each position as the required documents of the corresponding vacancies may vary.


Applicants please follow the College Deadline instead of the official deadline posted on the Civil Service Bureau website.  All applications must be submitted to the SAU while direct application to the corresponding Bureau/Department will not be accepted.

SNBureau/DepartmentPost Title (Division/Section)College DeadlineJob Details
36Home Affairs DepartmentSummer Internship4 June 2023Link
35Hongkong PostSummer Internship22 May 2023Link
34Home and Youth Affairs BureauSummer Internship31 May 2023Link
33Home and Youth Affairs BureauSummer Internship29 May 2023Closed
32Social Welfare DepartmentSummer Internship28 April 2023Closed
31Food and Environmental Hygiene Department -
Training Section
Summer Internship8 May 2023Closed
30Food and Environmental Hygiene Department -
Administration and Development Special Duties Team
Summer Internship12 May 2023Closed
29 The TreasurySummer Internship28 April 2023Closed
28 The Treasury -
Special Funds Section
Summer Internship28 April 2023Closed
27 The Treasury -
Revenue and Accounting Support Division
Summer Internship28 April 2023Closed
26 The Treasury -
Financial Reporting Division
Summer Internship28 April 2023Closed
25Government Flying ServiceSummer Internship21 April 2023Closed
24Correctional Services DepartmentSummer Internship24 April 2023Closed
23Innovation and Technology CommissionSummer Internship17 April 2023Closed
22Radio Television Hong KongSummer Internship21 April 2023Closed
21Efficiency Office, Innovation, Technology and Industry BureauSummer Internship21 April 2023Closed
20Efficiency OfficeSummer Internship21 April 2023Closed
19Environmental Protection DepartmentSummer Internship13 April 2023Closed
18Transport DepartmentSummer Internship13 April 2023Closed
17 Labour DepartmentSummer Internship13 April 2023Closed
16Census and Statistics DepartmentBusiness Expectation Statistics Section11 April 2023Closed
15Census and Statistics DepartmentTrade Statistics Branch (2)11 April 2023Closed
14Census and Statistics DepartmentTrade Analysis Sections (1) and (2)11 April 2023Closed
13Census and Statistics DepartmentStatistical Information Dissemination (1) Section11 April 2023Closed
12Census and Statistics DepartmentLabour Statistics Branch (2) and (3)11 April 2023Closed
11Census and Statistics DepartmentLabour Surveys Section (1)11 April 2023Closed
10Census and Statistics DepartmentEmployment Statistics and Central Register of Establishments Section11 April 2023Closed
09Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC)Summer Internship9 April 2023Closed
08Civil Service CollegeSummer Internship11 April 2023Closed
07Environment and Ecology BureauCommunity Relations Unit (社區關係組)11 April 2023Closed
06Environment and Ecology BureauNature Conservation Division (自然保育科)11 April 2023Closed
05Office of the Communications AuthoritySummer Internship3 April 2023Closed
04Working Family and Student Financial Assistance AgencySummer Internship - Information Technology3 April 2023Closed
03Working Family and Student Financial Assistance AgencySummer Internship -
3 April 2023Closed
02Working Family and Student Financial Assistance AgencySummer Internship - General Administration3 April 2023Closed
01Civil Aviation DepartmentSummer Internship - Administration17 March 2023Closed


Students' Sharing

For students’ sharing, please visit this webpage with URL as below:


Alumni Career Week

Alumni are the treasure asset. Alumni is invited to deliver workshops or talks to students and public about current career development.

25 Feb 202311:00am- 12:30pmCollege Hall & Zoom事業 Perfect Match (一) 語文專業Link
4 Mar 202311:00am- 12:30pmCollege Hall & Zoom事業 Perfect Match (二) 社工專業Link


Virtual Career Fair 2023

Nang Yan Virtual Career Fair 2023 will be held from 28 March 2023 to 30 April 2023. In the month of April, you can obtain company and job information, join Industry Talks and Career Preparation Seminars and to make one-on-one career advice sessions via virtual platform.


We have invited companies and organizations across a wide range of industries, including Government, Accounting, Property, NGO, Health Service and startup companies to provide companies/ organization information.

Industry Talks and Career Preparation Seminars:

Representatives from various sectors will share with you on a wide range of topics, from industry and business updates, career opportunities and development, to tips for application and interview. Details of talks and seminar will be announced later.

One-on-one Career Advice Sessions:

The career advice sessions aim to assist you in identifying the career goals and prepare for the career. You may ask for reviewing the CV and cover letter writing skills, interview skills, job searching skills, etc. Please register or book a session by clicking here:

Virtual Career Fair Website:


Career Talk

Career Talk is a good platform to broaden the career horizons and enhance the understanding of the job opportunities provided by the employers. Student Affairs Unit invites corporations from diverse industries to stage recruitment/career talks on/off campus all year round.

Introductory Talk on Social Workers Registration by Social Workers Registration Board (SWRB)
17 March 20234:00pm-5:00pmIn-Person (Classroom) & Online (ZOOM)Introductory Talk on Social Workers Registration by Social Workers Registration Board (SWRB)


Agency Visit or Voluntary Service

Agency visits or voluntary services are also arranged so that students can network with potential employers and key players from the chosen industry. By doing so, students can develop greater insight into the chosen field and directly talk with key persons to seek employment related advice.

13 Aug 202312:45pm-14:45pm香港耀能協會安泰訓練中心及宿舍開心魔術 - 耀能安泰宿舍暨展能中心
25 March 20232:00pm-4:00pmZOOM Live Broadcasting保良局地區支援中心 (沙田) 服務介紹
18 March 20232:00pm - 5:00pmA501 & A502開展<園藝治療>活動技巧
1 April 20232:00pm - 5:00pmA501 & A502開展<表達藝術治療>活動技巧
15 April 20232:00pm - 5:00pmA501 & A502開展<香薰治療>活動技巧
15 Jan 20232:30pm-5:30pm屯門醫院佛教心靈關顧服務Link
11 Dec 202211:00am- 1:00pm「非常學堂」@香港遊樂場協會Link

For Employers

Become Internship Partner

Thank you for your interest in hiring students or graduates from NYC. We can help address your recruitment needs through a wide range of employer services.

Job Posting

To post a job advertisement (Full-time, part-time or internship) on our website, you are invited to fill in the Student/Graduate Recruitment Form by clicking HERE.


We would like to introduce JINESS, which is jointly established by four of the self-financing institutions, namely, Caritas Institute of Higher Education, Chu Hai College of Higher Education, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong and Tung Wah College.  Hong Kong Nang Yan College of Higher Education joined it in from January 2023.

It aims to develop a “one-stop shop” by way of an online platform for both students of self-financing institutions and employers in offering solutions to searching career opportunities and recruiting talents respectively.  JINESS is more than a job portal and free for both students and employers.

Welcome to register with us via HERE.


On-campus Career Activities such as recruitment, career talks and virtual career fair are an effective means to promote your employment opportunities to potential candidates.

We look forward to discussing possible arrangements with you.

Ms Maria Kwok
Tel: (852) 3996-1029
email :

The College is to become a renowned Buddhism-based self-financed tertiary education institution in Hong Kong, continues to strive to provide a high-tech high-touch learning environment for education transformation to take place in disciplines that are of demand in the community.

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