NYJINESS is the e-portal, which has been jointly established by self-financing intuitions, and aims at developing a “one-stop shop” platform for both students and employers to search for career opportunities and recruit talents.

Create a profile page, review your account information, upload resumes, cover letters and search for opportunities that match your preferred job function, job type or industry.
Access JINESS Portal with your registered email address as below:
Brief highlights of JINESS
JINESS is a joint-institution job portal launched in 2017 Dec with:
  • annual job numbers of 40,000+
  • 15.000+ students and graduates
  • 3,000+ active employers
JINESS’s features:
  • Matched job searching (depending on students’ profile matching built on JINESS with the QESS framework)
  • Diversified and selected graduate jobs, internship, part-time from JINESS direct employers, Recruit, CTgoodjobs and CPjobs
  • Allows employers to engage potential students for their jobs actively
  • A self-defined QESS framework (Qualification, Experience, Skill and Strength)
  • More effective and measurable job requirements
  • Students can build their own profiles for real jobs with the QESS framework (with guided evidence)
  • Students can identify gaps between their actual profiles and requirements of their required jobs + build their profiles further

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